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Below you'll find a collection of testimonials from clients just like you who have found success using leads from the Leads Direct Network. But don't take our word for it, read on and see what people are saying about us.

With DebtLeadsDirect.com my production has more than doubled! The seminars and marketing campaigns combined have had little return when compared to leads from DebtLeadsDirect.com. With the ability to pick the leads I want to work, I've been able to target the type of client I need for success! Thanks DebtLeadsDirect.com!

Gunther Freedman
A1 Financial

Your website is making me crazy! I used to be a news hound (CNN.com), but then I found DebtLeadsDirect! I now check DebtLeadsDirect.com so many times a day to purchase new leads that I don't have time to keep up with the news! I'm now out of touch with the daily news, but my business is more in touch than ever! It's a great website, and a HUGE part of my Debt production!

Thomas Lenold
First Financial Services

Referrals aside, I've never had that much success in marketing DI products. That's until I found DebtLeadsDirect! Now I view, choose, and work the leads that I pick. Another thing, the consumers are waiting for me to call! This is the best service ever!

George Thomasen
Albright Financial

In two days I've closed five deals from leads purchased at DebtleadsDirect.com! I'm a very happy customer, all I can say is wow and thanks! The leads are fresh, and the people initiated the request for and need a credit help product! I can't ask anything more from a marketing program!

Thomas Frank
Frank Financial Planning

Since I've found DebtLeadsDirect.com, my debt production has never been better! I closed 10 deals in the pat 10 months and I have 3 more set to close in the next couple of days! Thank you so much for making my business GROW!

Kathy Bache
Bache Financial Planning

Finding a dependable source for Credit Internet leads has been a hard thing thing to do in the past...not now! Your site gives me the dependability I've been looking for! Thank you for making marketing my business easy again!

Jeff Verning
Brown Insurance Services

What can I say! I'm impressed! I purchased 20 leads 3 days ago, and have 4 new clients today!

Thomas Harley
First Financial Alliance

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